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VectorLinux 6.0 Beta 2 has been released

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The VectorLinux development team is proud to announce the Second beta release of VectorLinux 6.0. We have worked hard to debug the first beta release based on reported bugs, and we have also refined the look and feel with a brand new theme.The gui installer is just about there, more feedback is welcome with this release. We have added several software packages to make this a complete release. We are on our way to final!

The big news is Vector has a new gui installer for the first time! This was built from the ground up and not a rehash of any of the other gui installers used by other distro's. This release features the kernel with the latest wireless drivers and firmware updates. The default Window manager is Xfce4 with LXDE as alternate. We have the latest Firefox, Opera and Seamonkey with all the media codecs and flash so all the web and personal media content is available out of the box. For light office work you will find Abiword and Gnumeric. For heavy duty work, OpenOffice is available as a download from our ever expanding repo. We have added jpilot for those of you with handhelds. The included multimedia applications are the latest Mplayer, Xine, K3b and vlc. We have some of the all time favorite games including Penguin command, Pysol and Xgalaga and many more available in our repo. The latest stable Perl 5.10 has also been added.

We hope you enjoy our latest labor of love. Please let us know of any bugs you encounter or just general feedback by posting in our web forum.


The Vector Team

The download links to the iso and md5sum are below.

Forum Bug reports go here:

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