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Udev security update

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New udev packages are available for VectorLinux 5.9 and 6.0.

  • Package: udev-111-i486-6_slack12.0.tlz
  • MD5: d1e38a82f979b9d2c1a80efd2ac26619
  • Package Size: 131 K
  • Installed Size: 550 K
  • Sources: VectorLinux 5.9 repository
  • Package: udev-118-i486-4_slack12.1.tlz
  • MD5: e819a8886c6a454fbef74963ff138802
  • Package Size: 134 K
  • Installed Size: 520 K
  • Sources: VectorLinux 6.0 repository
udev (dynamic device directory system) udev provides a dynamic device directory containing only the files for the devices which are actually present. It creates or removes device node files usually located in the /dev directory.
Kay Sievers is the udev maintainer.
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