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Curl security update

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An updated version of curl for VL 5.9, VL 5.9.1 and VL 6.0. This package is a security patch to close a vulnerability which could allow a file to be redirected in an inappropriate way.

  • Package: curl-7.17.0-i586-2vl59.tlz
  • MD5: 2d1671dee783ff5997a9c274e50cbde8
  • Package Size: 485K
  • Installed Size: 1260K
  • Sources:
  • Package: curl-7.16.2-i486-2_slack12.1.tlz
  • MD5: 82d4dd9781ce946adf83393f02675210
  • Package Size: 549K
  • Installed Size: 1600K
  • Sources:
curl (command line URL data transfer tool)

Curl is a command line tool for transferring data specified with URL syntax. The command is designed to work without user interaction or any kind of interactivity. Curl offers a busload of useful tricks like proxy support, user authentication, ftp upload, HTTP post, SSL (https:) connections, cookies, file transfer resume and more.

libcurl is a library that Curl uses to do its job. It is readily available to be used by your software, too.
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