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Xine-lib- security update

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The latest version of Xine-lib is available for VectorLinux 5.9 and 6.0 fixing bugs and minor security issues.

  • Package: xine-lib-
  • MD5: 972117ab199d6e318bcf091e747844a6
  • Package Size: 2797K
  • Installed Size: 7770K
  • Sources: xine-lib
  • Package: xine-lib-
  • MD5: 10462df505f55aeef8baa8aca83769d7
  • Package Size: 2830K
  • Installed Size: 7700K
  • Sources: xine-lib
xine-lib (a high quality multi-media plaback library)

xine-lib is a free, high-performance multimedia playback engine. The xine share libraries are used by xine-ui and a number of other front end pckages to provide high quality video and audio playback from source including DVDs, VCDs and streaming sources

License: GPL
Author: Siegfried Langauf & others
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