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Be part of the best Linux users community in the Internet.

The VectorLinux Forum

Help and info for VL users. Find help and help others. Share your experience, give your opinion, discuss the future of your distro! You have a voice at the VectorLinux Forum. Find it here.


IRC Channel

#vectorlinux at Freenode. Get live support and meet other vectorites at the VectorLinux IRC channel at Freenode. Join us here.


VectorLinux Knowledge Center

Answers to you most common questions. The FAQ section addresses the most commmon questions of new users or those considering VectorLunix. The How-Tos presents step-by-step solutions to common tasks and problems encountered in installing and using VectorLinux. Find answers to your problems here.

VectorLinux Documentation

Online documentation. All what you need to know about Vector you can find it here. Mount additional media, configure your network, install extra software. All is here.



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