Will Mojave Install Through The Cmmand R Function


After hours of research and preparation, I finally decided to upgrade my Mac operating system to Mojave. As I eagerly anticipated the new features and improvements, I wondered if I could install Mojave through the command-r function. This method piqued my curiosity, and I delved deep into understanding the process.

What is the Command-R Function?

The Command-R function, also known as macOS Recovery, allows users to diagnose and troubleshoot Mac-related issues, reinstall macOS, restore from a Time Machine backup, and even erase a hard disk using Disk Utility. It provides a range of powerful tools to manage and maintain your Mac system.

Installing Mojave via Command-R

As I delved into the process, I discovered that the Command-R function primarily facilitates reinstallation of the current macOS version that is on the Mac. While it is an indispensable tool for troubleshooting and maintenance, it does not specifically support the installation of a new macOS version such as Mojave.

Alternative Installation Methods

While Command-R doesn’t directly support Mojave installation, there are alternative methods to upgrade to Mojave. The most common approach is to download Mojave from the App Store and run the installer. This process ensures a smooth transition to the new macOS version.

Personal Experience

Though I was initially drawn to the idea of installing Mojave through Command-R due to its convenience, I found the alternative method to be reliable and efficient. The installation was seamless, and I was able to experience the new features of Mojave without any complications.


While the Command-R function is a valuable tool for troubleshooting and maintenance, it does not support the installation of a new macOS version like Mojave. However, alternative installation methods, such as downloading the Mojave installer from the App Store, provide a seamless and effective means of upgrading to Mojave. My personal journey revealed that while the Command-R function has its limitations, there are reliable alternatives available for a smooth transition to the latest macOS version.