Where Is The F4 Key On Mac For Excel


As a Mac user who frequently uses Excel, finding the F4 key can be a bit tricky. The F4 key is essential for repeating the last action in Excel, making it a valuable tool for efficiency. After a bit of searching and experimenting, I’ve found the solution to locating the F4 key on a Mac for Excel users.

Using the Function (Fn) Key

Unlike on Windows keyboards, Mac keyboards often require the use of the Function (Fn) key to access the standard function keys. To use the F4 key in Excel on a Mac, you’ll need to press the Fn + F4 combination. This will allow you to utilize the full functionality of the F4 key within Excel when running on a Mac.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

If you find yourself frequently using the F4 key in Excel and the Fn + F4 combination feels cumbersome, you can customize keyboard shortcuts in Excel. To do this, navigate to Excel > Preferences > Ribbon & Toolbar and then select Customize. From there, you can assign a different key or key combination to the “Repeat Last Action” command, making it easier to access and use the functionality of the F4 key.

Exploring Alternatives

While the Fn + F4 combination is the standard method for accessing the F4 key’s functionality on a Mac, there are alternative ways to achieve the same result. For instance, you can use the Command (⌘) + Y shortcut to repeat the last action in Excel, providing a workaround if the Fn + F4 combination doesn’t suit your workflow.


As a Mac user, finding and utilizing the F4 key in Excel may require a bit of adjustment, but it’s certainly achievable. Whether you opt to use the Fn + F4 combination, customize keyboard shortcuts, or explore alternative methods, the F4 key’s powerful functionality is within reach for Mac users. With these insights, you can streamline your Excel workflow and take full advantage of the F4 key’s capabilities.