What Does Php Artisan Serve Do

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As a PHP developer, one of the most common commands you’ll come across is php artisan serve. This command allows you to quickly run your Laravel application on a local server. In this article, I will delve deep into the details of what php artisan serve does and how it can be helpful in your development workflow.

What is php artisan serve?

php artisan serve is a built-in command provided by Laravel’s Artisan command-line interface. It starts a development server on your local machine, allowing you to access your Laravel application through a web browser. This server is lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for local development and testing.

How to use php artisan serve?

To use php artisan serve, open your command-line interface and navigate to the root directory of your Laravel project. Then, simply run the following command:

php artisan serve

After running this command, you will see a message indicating that the development server has started. By default, the server will listen on

You can now open your favorite web browser and navigate to to access your Laravel application. Any changes you make to your code will be automatically reflected upon refreshing the page.

Why use php artisan serve?

The php artisan serve command offers several benefits for local development:

  • Convenience: Running a local development server becomes as simple as executing a single command. You don’t have to configure a separate web server like Apache or Nginx.
  • Portability: Since php artisan serve starts a server within your Laravel project, it becomes easy to share your application with others. They can run the same command on their machine and access the application without any additional setup.
  • Automatic Code Reloading: The development server provided by php artisan serve automatically reloads your application whenever you make changes to your code. This saves you the hassle of manually restarting the server after each modification.
  • Developer-Friendly Features: Laravel’s development server also provides useful features like error handling and detailed logs, making it easier to debug issues during development.


In conclusion, php artisan serve is a powerful command that allows you to quickly run your Laravel application on a local server during development. It offers convenience, portability, and automatic code reloading, making your development workflow smoother and more efficient. So next time you start working on a Laravel project, give php artisan serve a try and experience the benefits firsthand.