What Are Php Superglobals

PHP Programming

Hey there! Today, I want to dive into the fascinating world of PHP superglobals. As a web developer, these global variables have been of immense help to me in my programming journey. So, let’s explore what PHP superglobals are and how they can make our lives easier.

Understanding PHP Superglobals

Superglobals in PHP are special variables that are available in all scopes throughout a PHP script. They are predefined and can be accessed from any part of your code without the need to declare them explicitly. These variables are incredibly useful when it comes to handling user input, handling server-related information, and managing sessions. With superglobals, you can easily retrieve data from form submissions, access server details, and manipulate session data.

The Superpowers of $_GET and $_POST

Two of the most popular PHP superglobals are $_GET and $_POST. These superglobals are used to retrieve data sent via HTTP GET and POST methods, respectively. Let me share a personal experience where these superglobals have proven to be lifesavers.

Recently, I was working on a contact form for a client’s website. The form had several input fields, including name, email, and message. I used the $_POST superglobal to retrieve the data submitted by the user. By accessing the values using $_POST['name'], $_POST['email'], and $_POST['message'], I was able to process and store the user’s data securely.

The Power of $_SERVER

Another powerful superglobal in PHP is $_SERVER. It provides information about the server and the execution environment of the current script. When working on web applications, $_SERVER becomes incredibly handy for retrieving server-related details.

For example, let’s say you want to get the URL of the current page. You can simply use $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']. This will give you the complete URL path, including any query parameters. By making use of this superglobal, you can easily generate dynamic links or perform actions based on the current URL.


Superglobals in PHP are a true blessing for web developers. They provide a convenient and efficient way to access and manipulate data across different scopes. Whether it’s retrieving user input, accessing server details, or managing sessions, superglobals like $_GET, $_POST, and $_SERVER simplify our programming tasks.

So, next time you find yourself in need of accessing external data or server information in your PHP scripts, don’t forget about the mighty superglobals that PHP provides!