How To Get Iphone Emojis On Android

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So, you’ve just switched from an iPhone to an Android phone, and one thing you really miss is the adorable emojis that were so easy to use on your iPhone. I’ve been there, and I know the struggle. Luckily, I’ve found a way to get those cute iPhone emojis on my Android device, and I’m here to share my experience and the detailed steps with you.

Check Your Android Version

First things first, make sure you’re running the latest Android version. The method I’m about to share works best on newer Android versions, as they offer better support for emoji customization.

Download and Install a Custom Emoji Keyboard App

I recommend downloading a custom emoji keyboard app from the Google Play Store. There are several options available, but I found that using an app like Facemoji Emoji Keyboard or Chic Emoji Keyboard gave me the most similar experience to iPhone emojis.

Set Up the Emoji Keyboard

Once you’ve installed the emoji keyboard app, follow the on-screen instructions to set it as your default keyboard. This usually involves going to your phone’s settings, selecting “Language & input,” and then choosing the downloaded emoji keyboard as your default input method.

Customize the Emoji Style

Open the emoji keyboard app and explore the customization options. Look for settings that allow you to change the emoji style or set it to “iPhone emojis.” Each app may have a slightly different interface, but the goal is to find the option that lets you switch to a set of emojis that closely resembles the ones you used on your iPhone.

Use the New Emojis

Once you’ve customized the emoji style to your liking, try using the new emojis in your text messages, social media posts, and other apps. You should now have access to emojis that look and feel like the ones you were used to on your iPhone.


Getting iPhone emojis on an Android device may involve a bit of customization, but it’s definitely possible. With the right emoji keyboard app and a few tweaks, you can bring back the familiar emojis that you love. I hope this guide helps you add a little piece of your old iPhone to your new Android phone!