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VectorLinux 5.9.1 SOHO Deluxe Edition

The VectorLinux team is pleased to announce the availability of the latest SOHO Edition to our CD store. This is a wonderful chance to support Vector and get a rock solid, full featured productive Linux Desktop.  Our careful customization of KDE gives  the desktop the exceptional speed of VectorLinux and a unique look and feel. An extraordinary set of tools is provided out of the box, and the SOHO optimized Multimedia Bonus Disk is included.

VectorLinux 5.9 Deluxe - KDM 5.9 Soho Deluxe


As usual, this release has everything the VectorLinux user is used to, and a bit more. Mplayer and it's Graphic User Interface, Kplayer and Xine. Amarok as audio player and GtkPod for managing your portable media player. The best CD burner software in the Linux world, K3b is included. MhWaveEdit for sound editing and RipperX for ripping CD's completes the Multimedia Suite. But that is not all, the Multimedia Bonus Disc will give you all the best applications of the Linux world for graphics, audio and video production.

 VectorLinux 5.9 Deluxe - Graphics

Printing and Office

The traditional power of the Open Office suite is included in it's 2.4 version. It provides compatibility with MS Office documents, export to PDF, database management, Clipart production, Math formula support, Spreadsheets and more. You can produce first class quality documents. Koffice can be installed from the Extra CD. Scribus for desktop publishing, J-Pilot and KPilot to synchronize your hand held device, Korganizer, KadressBook and the rest of KDE applications completes this section.

VectorLinux 5.9 Deluxe - Open Office


Once again, the best applications are included for your Internet experience. Firefox, Konqueror, Opera and Seamonkey as browsers. Kmail, Opera mail and Seamonkey mail for e-mail. aMSN, Kopete, Chatzilla, X-Chat and Pidgin for instant messaging and IRC. All the extra applications are included on the second CD to complement the multiple web services offered these days.

5.9 SOHO Deluxe - Internet

Package Management and System Administration

Slapt-get and Gslapt makes the installation of extra software easy and painless. You will  benefit from the Vector Linux Extra repository to suit all your needs and enhance your computing experience. Gslapt puts Office tools, Games, Networking applications, Command Line tools and more one click away from your computer. Vpackager is also included, a unique tool developed specially to assist you in the compilation of source code. The software will guide you step by step in all the stages of the compilation. It supports various formats and compilers. Also has the ability to assist you in the installation from CruxPorts. A portage system developed for compiling code in your own box in an automatic way.

Vasm and VasmCC will make the administration of your system very straight-forward. You can configure your network, mount additional media at boot time, share files with your network using Avahi, Samba or NFS, and much more. VLWifi is included for easy wireless configuration, and an extensive list of wireless drivers is available out of the box, to ensure the best hardware compatibility. VLEasytables and KSysGuard will manage the security of your computer. Auto-mounting of removable media can be handled by VL-Hot, a light-weight application developed by the VL team or the traditional HAL is included.

VectorLinux 5.9 Deluxe - VL Tools 

Extra Software

Tons of extra software are included with this release: the ultimate 3D Desktop Compiz-Fusion, Blender, Ardour, Qtractor, Audacity, Emacs, Hydrogen, Inkscape, Jack, the full localization packages of KDE to ensure Vector will speak your language, GnuChess, Kdevelop, KdeWebDev, Koffice, PDFEdit, Rosegarden, Battle for Wesnoth, mega-mario, Wine and more!

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