Why Wont Website Reflect Change In Css From Cpanel

CSS Programming

I recently encountered an interesting problem while working on a website. I made some changes to the CSS from the cPanel, expecting the website to reflect those changes immediately. However, to my surprise, the website didn’t seem to update at all. After some investigation, I discovered a few possible reasons why this might happen. Let’s dive into the details.

Cache Mechanism

One potential reason for the lack of immediate change on the website could be due to caching. Caching is a technique used to store copies of files in a cache, so that they can be quickly accessed if requested again. This helps to improve the website’s performance and reduce server load. However, it also means that changes to CSS files may not be reflected immediately. Caching can occur at various levels including the browser, server, and even through third-party services. Therefore, even if you update the CSS from the cPanel, the cached version may still be served to the website visitors.

Browser Cache

As the website owner, I found that clearing the browser cache often helps to ensure that the latest version of the website is being displayed. Browsers store files from websites on a user’s computer which can lead to the display of outdated content. Clearing the cache allows the browser to fetch the most recent files from the website, including any CSS changes made from the cPanel.

Server Cache

On the server side, there may be caching mechanisms in place that store copies of the website’s CSS files. These could include technologies like Varnish, LiteSpeed Cache, or similar caching plugins. While beneficial for website performance, it could delay the propagation of CSS changes. Disabling server-side caching or purging the cache may be necessary to see the updates take effect.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) Cache

If the website utilizes a CDN to deliver content globally, it’s important to consider that the CDN may also be caching the website files, including CSS. In this case, the changes made through cPanel might not immediately show up due to the cached content distributed across various edge servers. Purging the CDN cache or waiting for it to update can resolve this issue.


As a website owner, it’s crucial to be aware of the various caching mechanisms that could potentially delay the reflection of CSS changes made from the cPanel. Clearing browser cache, disabling server-side caching, and purging CDN cache are important steps to consider. By understanding and addressing these caching concerns, I was able to ensure that the website reflected the latest CSS updates, providing a seamless and visually appealing experience for visitors.