Why Is Microsoft Edge Running In The Background

I’ve always wondered why Microsoft Edge seems to be running in the background, even when I’m not actively using it. After doing some research, I’ve discovered some interesting facts about this behavior.

What Causes Microsoft Edge to Run in the Background?

Microsoft Edge runs in the background for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to enable features like notifications, live tile updates, and syncing across devices. Edge may also be running in the background to ensure quick access when you do decide to open it, reducing the time it takes to launch the browser.

Another important reason for Edge running in the background is to keep web pages updated and to preload content. This helps improve the browsing experience by ensuring that when you do open the browser, the pages load faster.

Managing Microsoft Edge Background Processes

If you’re concerned about the resources being used by Microsoft Edge in the background, you can manage its processes. In Windows 10, you can control background processes through the Settings app. Simply go to Privacy > Background apps and toggle the switch for Microsoft Edge to disable its background activity.

For more granular control, you can also access Edge’s own settings. By clicking on the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the browser, then selecting “Settings” and “System,” you can turn off the “Continue running background apps when Microsoft Edge is closed” option.

Impact on Performance and Battery Life

Having Microsoft Edge running in the background can have an impact on system performance and battery life, especially on devices with limited resources. However, the impact is typically minimal, and the benefits of having up-to-date web content and quicker access to the browser often outweigh the drawbacks.

If you notice significant performance issues or battery drain, it may be worth considering the options to limit Edge’s background activity as mentioned earlier.


After diving into the reasons behind Microsoft Edge running in the background, it’s clear that this behavior is designed to enhance the browsing experience. While it may consume some resources, the benefits of quicker access, updated web content, and seamless synchronization make it a valuable feature for many users.