Why Does Microsoft Edge Have A Briefcase Icon

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When I first started using Microsoft Edge as my web browser, I couldn’t help but notice the mysterious briefcase icon on the toolbar. It piqued my curiosity, and I set out to uncover the story behind this enigmatic symbol.

The Origin of the Briefcase Icon

After delving into the history of Microsoft Edge, I discovered that the briefcase icon is a nod to the legacy of Microsoft and Windows. The icon is a modern interpretation of the traditional “Briefcase” feature that has been present in various versions of Windows for decades.

Microsoft introduced the Briefcase feature in Windows 95, allowing users to easily synchronize files between multiple devices. The icon in Microsoft Edge serves as a visual tribute to this iconic Windows tool, symbolizing continuity and the evolution of Microsoft’s products over the years.

The Briefcase Icon’s Functionality

Now, let’s talk about what the briefcase icon actually does in Microsoft Edge. When you click on the briefcase, it opens the Collections feature, allowing users to gather and organize web content, such as links, images, and text, into a more manageable format for research, planning, or sharing.

I found the Collections feature to be surprisingly useful in my daily browsing activities. It provides a convenient way to gather and organize information from the web without the need for multiple tabs or external tools. It’s as if the briefcase has evolved from storing physical documents to organizing digital content in the modern age.

Personal Reflection

As I contemplated the significance of the briefcase icon in Microsoft Edge, I couldn’t help but appreciate how technology pays homage to its roots while embracing innovation. It’s a reminder that the tools we use today are built upon the foundation laid by earlier technologies.

Moreover, the briefcase icon serves as a visual testament to the seamless integration of Windows heritage into the modern web browsing experience. It’s a small detail, but it reflects the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that Microsoft has put into refining their products.


In conclusion, the briefcase icon in Microsoft Edge is not just a random symbol on the toolbar – it’s a tribute to the history of Windows and a practical gateway to the Collections feature. Its presence is a reminder of the interconnectedness of past and present technologies, and I’ve come to appreciate its significance as an integral part of my browsing journey.