Why Css Is Not Change Ration Of Img

Have you ever had trouble adjusting the size of an image using CSS? I certainly have, and it can be frustrating when the image just won’t cooperate. In this article, we’ll dive into the reasons why CSS may not be changing the ratio of an image as expected, and explore some solutions to this common issue.

Understanding Aspect Ratio

Before we delve into CSS and image resizing, it’s important to understand aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of an image is the proportional relationship between its width and its height. When you resize an image, maintaining its aspect ratio ensures that it doesn’t appear stretched or distorted.

The CSS ‘max-width’ Property

One common CSS property used to resize images is max-width. This property allows us to set the maximum width of an image, and the browser automatically adjusts the height to maintain the aspect ratio. However, if the original aspect ratio of the image is not preserved, it might be due to other CSS properties or the way the image is being rendered on the webpage.

Responsive Images and Viewport Units

When working with responsive web design, it’s important to consider the viewport units such as vw and vh. Using these units to define the dimensions of an image can sometimes lead to unexpected results, especially when combined with other CSS rules.

Using the ‘object-fit’ Property

If you’re facing challenges with image resizing in CSS, the object-fit property can come to the rescue. This property allows you to specify how the contents of the replaced element (an image or video) should be resized to fit its container.


In conclusion, manipulating the size of images with CSS can be tricky, especially when it comes to maintaining the aspect ratio. It’s essential to consider the interaction between CSS properties, the intrinsic aspect ratio of the image, and the layout of the webpage. By understanding these factors and experimenting with different CSS techniques, we can overcome the challenges of changing the ratio of images using CSS.