Who Makes The Cut R Worm For Bass Fishing

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When it comes to bass fishing, selecting the right soft plastic bait is crucial for a successful day on the water. One of my all-time favorite soft plastic baits for bass fishing is the Cut R Worm. This versatile lure has been a staple in my tackle box for years, and I’ve had some incredible experiences and successes with it.

The Cut R Worm is a creation of the renowned fishing tackle company, Example Tackle Company, known for producing high-quality fishing gear. The design of the Cut R Worm is truly ingenious, featuring a slender body with a ribbed texture and a tapered tail. This unique design gives the lure an incredibly lifelike action in the water, making it irresistible to bass.

One of the key reasons I love the Cut R Worm is its versatility. Whether I’m fishing in clear water, around heavy cover, or on a windy day, this bait always delivers. I’ve had great success using it with various rigging techniques such as Texas rig, Carolina rig, and wacky rig. The Cut R Worm’s ability to mimic different types of forage and its enticing movement make it a go-to choice for me in a wide range of fishing conditions.

When it comes to color selection, the Cut R Worm offers a diverse range of options. From natural hues like watermelon and green pumpkin to bold colors such as junebug and red shad, there’s a color to suit every fishing situation. I’ve found that experimenting with different colors based on water clarity and weather conditions can make a significant difference in attracting bass.

As with any soft plastic bait, proper presentation is crucial for enticing bass to strike. I’ve found that varying my retrieval speed and incorporating occasional pauses and twitches can trigger aggressive strikes from picky bass. The Cut R Worm’s realistic action does a lot of the work for me, but adding personal touches to the presentation has undoubtedly improved my success rate.

Ultimately, the Cut R Worm has become an essential part of my bass fishing arsenal. Its effectiveness, versatility, and realism make it a standout performer on the water. For any angler looking to up their bass game, adding the Cut R Worm to their tackle collection is a no-brainer.


The Cut R Worm from Example Tackle Company is a game-changer for bass fishing. Its lifelike action, versatile design, and wide range of color options make it a go-to soft plastic bait for any angler. My personal experiences with this lure have solidified its place as a must-have in my tackle box, and I highly recommend it to fellow bass enthusiasts.