Which R Cran Has Plotly

R Programming

As a data visualization enthusiast, I have always been intrigued by the interactive and visually appealing plots created using Plotly. For R users, the integration of Plotly into the R environment has been a game-changer, allowing for the creation of dynamic and interactive visualizations. In this article, I will delve into the various R packages that incorporate Plotly and how they can elevate your data visualization game.

Plotly in R

Plotly is a powerful graphing library that allows users to create interactive plots in a variety of programming languages, including R. The ability to zoom, hover, and interact with the data directly from the plot makes Plotly a valuable tool for exploratory data analysis and presentation.

Plotly R Package

The primary means of utilizing Plotly in R is through the plotly package. This package provides an interface to the Plotly JavaScript library, allowing R users to create web-based, interactive visualizations directly from their R console. With the plotly package, users can transform static ggplot2 visualizations into interactive Plotly plots with minimal effort, enhancing the overall user experience.

Other R Packages with Plotly Integration

In addition to the plotly package, several other R packages have integrated Plotly to expand the possibilities of interactive visualizations. One prominent example is the plotlyexpress package, which offers a high-level interface for creating a variety of plot types with Plotly. The crosstalk package, on the other hand, integrates Plotly with crosstalk, enabling linked views with interactive data selection.

Benefits of Using Plotly

The incorporation of Plotly into R empowers users to go beyond static plots and create dynamic, exploratory visualizations. Interactive features such as zooming, panning, and tooltips enable deeper insights into the data, enhancing the communication of findings to stakeholders. Moreover, the ability to share interactive plots through web platforms enables seamless collaboration and presentation of results.


The availability of Plotly in R through packages like plotly and others significantly amplifies the capabilities of R users in creating captivating and interactive visualizations. Embracing these packages not only enhances the visualization process but also enables effective communication of insights derived from data. So, as an avid R user and data enthusiast, I highly recommend exploring the world of Plotly-integrated R packages to elevate your data visualization endeavors.