Where To Put R Package Vignettes

R Programming

As a developer who loves creating R packages, one of the elements that I find crucial is the inclusion of vignettes. Vignettes are a fantastic way to provide detailed explanations, use cases, and examples for the functions and features within an R package. In this article, I will share my personal insights and recommendations on where to put R package vignettes for maximum effectiveness.

What are R Package Vignettes?

Before diving into the best practices for placing vignettes, let’s briefly cover what they are. In the realm of R package development, vignettes are long-form documentation pieces that provide in-depth insights into the package’s functionality. They typically include narrative explanations, code snippets, visualizations, and real-world examples to help users understand how to use the package effectively.

Recommended Location for Vignettes

My personal preference and a common best practice is to place the vignettes within a dedicated directory named vignettes at the root level of the package. This ensures that the vignettes are easily accessible and well-organized within the package structure.

Within the vignettes directory, each vignette should have its own subdirectory with a meaningful name that reflects the content it covers. This promotes clarity and makes it simple for users to find the specific information they are looking for.

Integration with Package Structure

Placing the vignettes directly within the package’s root directory allows for seamless integration with the overall package structure. When users download or install the package, they can effortlessly access the vignettes along with the rest of the package contents.

Utilizing the inst/extdata Directory

In certain cases, if the vignettes require external data files or resources, I find it convenient to place these items in a separate inst/extdata directory within the package. This ensures that the vignettes have access to any necessary supplementary resources without cluttering the main vignettes directory.

Additional Considerations

It’s important to remember that when referencing the vignettes within the R package documentation, the correct file paths should be utilized to ensure that users can easily locate and access the vignette materials. Additionally, providing clear links or references to the vignettes in the README file or package documentation can enhance discoverability and usage.


In conclusion, the placement of R package vignettes within the vignettes directory at the root level of the package offers a structured and accessible approach for users to engage with the detailed documentation. By integrating the vignettes effectively within the package structure, developers can enhance the overall user experience and facilitate the understanding and utilization of their R packages.