Where R The Stars Super Mario Maker 2

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In Super Mario Maker 2, the stars are a valuable and sought-after item that can enhance your levels in a unique way. They have the ability to provide Mario with temporary invincibility, allowing players to charge through enemies and obstacles without taking any damage. But where can you find these elusive stars in the game?

Well, my fellow Mario enthusiasts, let me guide you through the various ways you can incorporate stars into your Mario Maker 2 levels. There are a few different methods to obtain stars, and each method offers its own exciting opportunities for creativity and fun.

Finding Stars in Course Parts

The first place to look for stars is in the Course Parts menu. You can find the star item under the “Items” section. Once you’ve selected the star, you can drag it into your level and place it wherever you like. Whether you want to tempt players with a challenging obstacle course or create a power-up paradise, the star is a versatile tool for level design.

Using Exclamation Blocks

Another way to incorporate stars into your levels is by utilizing exclamation blocks. By placing a star inside an exclamation block, you can add an element of surprise and reward for players who manage to hit the block and claim their temporary invincibility. It’s a great way to add some unpredictability to your level and keep players on their toes.

Adding Mystery Mushrooms

If you’re feeling particularly mischievous, you can hide stars inside Mystery Mushrooms. This sneaky tactic adds an extra layer of challenge for players, as they have to test their luck and collect Mystery Mushrooms in the hopes of finding a star. It’s a fun and unpredictable way to keep players engaged and eager to explore every nook and cranny of your level.


Super Mario Maker 2 offers ample opportunities for players to get creative with stars and incorporate them into their levels in exciting and unexpected ways. Whether you’re designing a challenging platforming adventure or a whimsical playground of power-ups, the addition of stars can elevate your level design and provide players with thrilling moments of invincibility. So, go forth and sprinkle some stardust into your Mario Maker 2 creations!