Where Is Window Decoration Installed Kde Plasma

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I recently found myself diving deep into the world of KDE Plasma, one of the most popular desktop environments for Linux. As I was exploring its customization options, I couldn’t help but wonder: where exactly is the window decoration installed in KDE Plasma?

After some research and tinkering, I discovered that window decorations in KDE Plasma are located in the ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/ directory. This directory houses all the available window decoration themes that you can choose from to customize the look and feel of your desktop.

One of the things I really appreciate about KDE Plasma is the level of flexibility it offers when it comes to window decorations. Not only can you choose from a wide range of pre-installed themes, but you can also create your own custom window decorations or download additional ones from the KDE Store.

Installing a new window decoration theme in KDE Plasma is a breeze. Simply navigate to the KDE Store website or any other trusted source for window decoration themes and download the theme you like. Once downloaded, open the System Settings in KDE Plasma by clicking on the “Start” menu, then selecting “System Settings” from the dropdown menu.

In the System Settings window, you’ll find the “Workspace Theme” category. Click on it to open the Workspace Theme settings. From there, click on the “Window Decorations” tab. Here, you can choose the window decoration theme you want to use by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

If you have downloaded a new window decoration theme, click on the “Get New Decorations” button at the bottom left corner of the window. This will open the KDE Store window, where you can browse and download additional window decoration themes. Once downloaded, the new theme will appear in the dropdown menu for you to select and apply.

As I delved further into customization, I discovered that you can also tweak various settings related to window decorations in the “Window Decorations” tab. You can adjust the titlebar height, button positions, shadows, and much more. This level of fine-grained control allows you to truly make your KDE Plasma desktop reflect your personal style.


Exploring the ins and outs of window decoration installation in KDE Plasma has been a fascinating journey for me. The ability to customize my desktop in such detail is one of the reasons why I am drawn to KDE Plasma as my desktop environment of choice.

Whether you prefer the default window decoration themes or love to experiment with new ones, KDE Plasma provides a robust platform for personalizing your desktop experience. So go ahead, download that eye-catching window decoration theme, and make your KDE Plasma desktop truly your own!