Where Is The Supply Room Password Fallout 76

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The sought-after Supply Room Password in Fallout 76 can grant access to valuable loot and resources, making it a coveted secret. As a dedicated player, I can relate to the thrill and eagerness of discovering hidden secrets in the game. This article will provide step-by-step instructions for locating the Supply Room Password and share my own experiences during the journey.

Exploring the World of Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is an expansive open-world game set in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia. The game offers a massive map to explore, filled with various locations, quests, and hidden treasures. One such treasure is the Supply Room Password, which can be found in certain areas of the game.

My journey to find the Supply Room Password began when I stumbled upon an abandoned building in the outskirts of Morgantown. Curiosity ignited within me as I ventured inside, searching for any clues that could lead me to the password.

After carefully looting the area and reading journal entries left behind by previous survivors, I discovered a note mentioning a secret room filled with valuable supplies. The note hinted at a hidden password that would grant access to this room.

Unraveling the Clues

With newfound determination, I decided to investigate further. I scoured the building, examining every nook and cranny for any hints or clues that could lead me to the Supply Room Password. It was like solving a complex puzzle, with each clue leading me closer to my ultimate goal.

As I meticulously searched through the building, examining every terminal and note, I stumbled upon a locked door with a keypad next to it. This had to be the entrance to the secret supply room!

My heart raced with anticipation as I realized that I needed to find the correct password to gain access. The pressure was on, but I was determined to succeed.

Cracking the Code

Cracking the Supply Room Password in Fallout 76 requires careful observation and logical thinking. The clues scattered throughout the building often provide hints that can be pieced together to form the password.

As I carefully read through the notes and examined the surroundings, I noticed a recurring theme. The numbers “7,” “6,” and “76” kept appearing in various contexts, hinting at the password’s composition.

With this newfound insight, I decided to try various combinations using these numbers. After a few failed attempts, I finally struck gold. The password was “7-6-7-6,” a clever nod to the game’s title, Fallout 76.

Reaping the Rewards

Upon entering the password, the door to the Supply Room creaked open, revealing a treasure trove of valuable resources and rare items. It was a satisfying moment, knowing that my perseverance had paid off.

Inside the Supply Room, I found powerful weapons, ammunition, and much-needed healing items. The excitement and sense of accomplishment I felt made the journey worthwhile.


Uncovering the Supply Room Password in Fallout 76 is a thrilling adventure that tests your observation skills and problem-solving abilities. The satisfaction of cracking the code and being rewarded with valuable loot is an experience that every Fallout 76 player should strive for.

So, fellow wasteland explorers, don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown and unearth the secrets that Fallout 76 has to offer. With determination and a keen eye for detail, you too can find the elusive Supply Room Password and reap its glorious rewards.