Where Is Powershell Located

Shell Programming

PowerShell is an essential tool for anyone working with Windows operating systems, and understanding where it is located can be crucial for efficient use. Personally, I’ve found that knowing where to find PowerShell has saved me time and frustration in my daily work. Let’s dive deep into the details of where PowerShell is located and how to access it.

Default Location

By default, PowerShell is located in the C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 directory. This is where the main executable file, powershell.exe, is stored. When running PowerShell from this default location, it’s important to note that it will open in the 32-bit version of PowerShell.

Environment Variables

However, it’s important to mention that the default location isn’t the only way to access PowerShell. You can also access it from anywhere on your system using environment variables. The PATH environment variable includes the default directory for PowerShell, allowing you to open it from any command prompt or terminal window. This flexibility is incredibly handy and has proven to be a time-saver in my own experience.

PowerShell Core

It’s worth noting that PowerShell Core, which is the cross-platform version of PowerShell, has a different default location. On Windows, it is typically located at C:\Program Files\PowerShell. This version coexists with Windows PowerShell, allowing users to take advantage of its features and flexibility across different platforms.

Custom Installations

For those who’ve customized the installation of PowerShell, the location may vary based on the choices made during installation. Whether it’s a different drive or a custom directory, knowing where you’ve installed PowerShell is key to quickly accessing it when needed.


Ultimately, recognizing where PowerShell is located and understanding how to access it is vital for anyone working with Windows systems. Whether you’re a system administrator, developer, or IT professional, knowing the ins and outs of PowerShell’s location can greatly enhance your productivity. In my own experience, having this knowledge readily available has been a game-changer in my day-to-day tasks.