Where Does Html And Css Go In Resume Under Skills

When it comes to creating a standout resume, the location of HTML and CSS skills under the “Skills” section is crucial. Personally, I have found that highlighting these technical skills prominently can significantly enhance the appeal of a resume to potential employers. Let’s delve into the details of where and how to include HTML and CSS skills in your resume.

Technical Skills Section

In my experience, the “Skills” section of a resume is the perfect place to showcase proficiency in HTML and CSS. This section typically follows the professional summary or objective and provides a snapshot of the candidate’s technical capabilities. I have always placed HTML and CSS skills near the top of the technical skills list, as these are fundamental to web development and design.

Personal Touch

Personally, I recommend tailoring the technical skills section to the specific job description or industry. For instance, if the position leans more towards front-end development, emphasizing CSS and HTML with a personal touch shows that you understand the job requirements and are capable of meeting them.

How to Include HTML and CSS

One effective way to highlight HTML and CSS skills is to list them as separate bullet points under the “Skills” section. This allows for clear visibility and enables the recruiter or hiring manager to quickly identify these crucial abilities. Furthermore, including any related frameworks or libraries, such as Bootstrap or jQuery, can further enhance the impact of these skills.


From my perspective, incorporating a brief commentary or achievement alongside HTML and CSS skills can add depth to the resume. For example, a statement like “Proficient in HTML and CSS with a proven track record of developing responsive and visually appealing websites” not only demonstrates expertise but also provides context for the skills listed.


In conclusion, strategically placing HTML and CSS skills under the “Skills” section of a resume can greatly influence the impression it leaves on potential employers. By customizing the presentation of these technical proficiencies and adding a personal touch, I firmly believe that individuals can effectively showcase their capabilities and stand out as strong candidates in the competitive job market.