Where Date Is In A Given Year Sql

SQL Programming

As a SQL enthusiast, I often find myself digging deep into the inner workings of databases to solve complex problems. One such challenge I recently encountered was finding all the occurrences of a specific date within a given year. It may seem like a simple task at first, but as I explored the intricacies of SQL queries, I discovered various approaches to tackle this problem.

Method 1: Using the DATEPART Function

One way to find all the instances of a particular date in a given year is by utilizing the DATEPART function in SQL. This function allows us to extract specific parts of a date, such as the year, month, or day.

To implement this method, we can use the following SQL query:

SELECT * FROM YourTable WHERE DATEPART(month, YourDate) = desired_month AND DATEPART(day, YourDate) = desired_day AND DATEPART(year, YourDate) = desired_year;

In this query, replace “YourTable” with the name of your table and “YourDate” with the column that stores the dates you want to search in. Also, make sure to replace “desired_month,” “desired_day,” and “desired_year” with the specific values you are looking for.

This method provides a straightforward way to find the occurrences of a date within a given year. However, it does require explicit knowledge of the date parts to extract.

Method 2: Utilizing Date Ranges

Another approach to find all instances of a date within a given year is by leveraging date ranges. By specifying a range of dates that fall within the desired year, we can easily retrieve the desired results.

Let’s say we want to find all occurrences of the date “2022-04-15” within the year 2022. We can use the following query:

SELECT * FROM YourTable WHERE YourDate >= '2022-01-01' AND YourDate <= '2022-12-31';

In this query, we set the range from the beginning of the year ('YYYY-01-01') to the end of the year ('YYYY-12-31'). This encompasses the entire year and includes all instances of the desired date.

By utilizing date ranges, we not only find the specific date within the given year but also have the flexibility to search for a range of dates.


When it comes to finding all occurrences of a date within a given year in SQL, we have explored two methods: utilizing the DATEPART function and leveraging date ranges. Both approaches offer their own advantages, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of your query.

By understanding these techniques, you can harness the power of SQL to effectively search for specific dates within a given year. Whether you are managing complex databases or simply exploring SQL's capabilities, these methods will prove invaluable in your journey.