When Is Fortnite Coming Back To Ios 2023

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Hey there fellow Fortnite fans! I know many of us have been eagerly waiting for the return of Fortnite to iOS devices. As of 2023, the future of Fortnite on iOS is still uncertain due to the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. The removal of Fortnite from the App Store in 2020 sparked a heated dispute that has yet to reach a resolution. As an avid Fortnite player myself, I understand the frustration and anticipation surrounding this issue.

The Legal Battle

In August 2020, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, implemented a direct payment system in the Fortnite app, bypassing Apple’s standard 30% commission on in-app purchases. This move violated Apple’s App Store guidelines, leading to the removal of Fortnite from the App Store. In response, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of anti-competitive behavior and seeking to challenge the App Store’s monopoly.

Ongoing Uncertainty

As the legal battle unfolds, Fortnite remains unavailable for download and updates on iOS devices. While there have been speculations and rumors about potential settlements or workarounds, no official announcement has been made regarding the return of Fortnite to iOS in 2023. This uncertainty has left many iOS users in limbo, hoping for a resolution that would bring back their favorite game to their mobile devices.

Potential Resolutions

One potential resolution could come in the form of a settlement between Epic Games and Apple, resulting in the reinstatement of Fortnite on the App Store under certain agreed-upon terms. Alternatively, Epic Games may explore alternative distribution methods, such as a web-based version of Fortnite for iOS users to access through their mobile browsers. However, these are all speculative possibilities, and until an official agreement or decision is reached, the return of Fortnite to iOS devices remains uncertain.

Staying Hopeful

As a Fortnite enthusiast myself, I share the eagerness and impatience for the return of Fortnite to iOS. It’s been a challenging journey for both the gaming community and the companies involved, but I remain optimistic that a resolution will eventually be reached. In the meantime, I encourage fellow iOS users to stay tuned for any official announcements and to continue enjoying Fortnite on other platforms while we await a potential comeback to our beloved iOS devices.


While we don’t have a confirmed date for Fortnite’s return to iOS in 2023, the hope for its comeback remains alive. The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple continues to play out, and as fans, all we can do is stay patient and keep an eye out for any developments. Here’s to hoping that we’ll soon be building, battling, and emote-dancing on our iOS devices once again!