When Do You Know If The Python Is Finished Running

Python Programming

When it comes to running Python code, it’s essential to know when the program has finished executing. As a Python enthusiast, I understand the importance of being able to determine when Python has completed its task, especially when working with larger scripts or applications. Let’s explore the various indicators that Python provides to let you know it’s finished running.

Print Statements

One of the simplest ways to know when Python has finished running is to utilize print statements. By including a specific message at the end of the script, such as “Program execution complete,” I can easily visually confirm that the code has reached the end of its execution.

Return Values

In functions or methods, return values can be a clear indication of the completion of a specific block of code. By capturing the return value of a function and printing or utilizing it in subsequent parts of the program, I can confirm that the function has finished running and has produced the expected result.

Using the Command Line

When running Python scripts from the command line, the return of the command prompt is a strong signal that the program has completed. In my experience, seeing the command prompt reappear after executing a Python script indicates that the code has finished running.

Understanding Idle Behavior

When working in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as IDLE, I pay attention to the behavior of the interface. After executing a script, observing the status of the IDE can be a reliable signal that Python has completed its task. For instance, the cursor becoming active again can indicate that the script has finished running.

Handling Long-Running Processes

When dealing with longer-running Python processes, I often implement progress indicators or status updates within the code. By using modules like time or progressbar, I can keep track of the progress of the program and know precisely when it has finished running.


As a Python developer, it’s crucial to be aware of the various signals and indicators that can confirm whether Python has finished running. Incorporating these checks not only provides reassurance during development but also enhances the overall user experience when running Python applications.