What Packages Ship With R

R Programming

Hey folks! Today, I want to delve into the world of R and explore the default packages that ship with this powerful programming language. As an R enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours exploring and leveraging these packages to supercharge my data analysis and visualization projects. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of R packages!

Base R Packages

R comes with a set of core packages that are installed by default. These packages provide fundamental tools for data manipulation, statistical analysis, and visualization. Some of my favorite base R packages include stats for statistical functions, utils for utility functions, and graphics for plotting and graphical procedures.

Additional Recommended Packages

Aside from the base packages, R also includes a range of additional recommended packages that cover a wide array of functionalities. One of my go-to packages is ggplot2, which offers an elegant and versatile approach to data visualization. For data manipulation tasks, I often turn to the dplyr package, which provides a set of powerful tools for data wrangling.

Specialized Domains

When it comes to specialized domains such as machine learning and natural language processing, R has got you covered with packages like caret for machine learning workflows and tm for text mining and analysis. These packages have been invaluable in my exploration of advanced data science techniques.

Community Contributions

One of the most fantastic aspects of the R ecosystem is the wealth of user-contributed packages available on CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) and other repositories. I’ve come across some incredible gems in these community-contributed packages, ranging from specialized statistical methods to niche data visualization tools.


Exploring the universe of R packages has been a thrilling adventure for me. The rich collection of default and community-contributed packages has empowered me to tackle diverse data challenges with confidence and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned R user or just beginning your R journey, I encourage you to embrace the wealth of packages that R has to offer.