What Is The Work Of L2 L3 Oracle Sql Developer

SQL Programming

As an Oracle SQL developer, my work involves managing, manipulating, and analyzing data within the Oracle database environment. Working with both L2 and L3 support in Oracle SQL development has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities involved at different levels.

L2 Oracle SQL Developer Responsibilities

At the L2 level, I focus on providing technical support by troubleshooting and resolving issues encountered by users, applications, and systems that interact with the Oracle database. This may include diagnosing performance issues, optimizing queries, and ensuring the overall stability and reliability of the database environment.

L3 Oracle SQL Developer Responsibilities

Moving into the L3 support level, my role expands to encompass more complex and in-depth tasks. This includes working closely with the development and engineering teams to design, implement, and optimize database structures, schemas, and queries. Additionally, I am involved in performance tuning, capacity planning, and ensuring high availability and disaster recovery solutions for the Oracle database.

Personal Touch and Commentary

Working as an Oracle SQL developer, I find that the L2 support role allows me to directly engage with users and address immediate concerns, while the L3 support role lets me dive deep into the intricacies of database design and optimization. It’s a dynamic and rewarding experience that allows me to continuously enhance my technical skills and contribute to the overall efficiency of database operations.


In conclusion, the work of an L2 and L3 Oracle SQL developer is multifaceted, requiring a blend of technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to collaborate with various stakeholders. This combination of responsibilities enables me to make a meaningful impact on the performance and reliability of Oracle database systems.