What Happens If You Accidentally Call Emergency Sos On Android

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you accidentally called emergency SOS on your Android phone? As someone who has experienced this, I can tell you that it can be a rather alarming situation. Let’s dive into the details of what actually happens when you make this unintentional call.

Initial Panic

So, it happened to me one day when my phone was in my pocket, and I accidentally pressed the power button multiple times. Suddenly, I saw the “Emergency SOS” countdown initiated, and I panicked. It was a moment of confusion and worry, as I didn’t mean to make that call at all. The seconds were ticking away, and I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Countdown and Confirmation

As the countdown continued, I was prompted to confirm the emergency call. My heart was racing, and I was desperately trying to cancel the call, but it was challenging in that moment of panic. I managed to hit the cancel button just in time, and the call was averted. It was a huge relief, but I was left wondering what would have happened if the call had gone through.

What Happens Next

When the emergency SOS call goes through on an Android device, it connects to the local emergency services. Once connected, the call center tries to ascertain the nature of the emergency by asking questions. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the appropriate help is dispatched to the location.

For those around you, they may receive an emergency alert on their phones if you are in a location where these alerts are enabled. This can be a cause for concern for friends and family, especially if they see your name associated with the emergency call.

The Aftermath

After the incident, I found myself researching how to disable the accidental emergency call feature on my Android phone. It was a lesson learned, and I didn’t want to be in a situation where I could accidentally trigger an emergency call again. I discovered that it’s possible to change the settings to require a long press of the power button to initiate the emergency call, providing an extra layer of protection against accidental calls.


Accidentally calling emergency SOS on Android can be a frightening experience, but it’s essential to remain calm and composed to avert an unnecessary emergency response. Taking proactive steps to prevent accidental calls can bring peace of mind and ensure that the feature is only used when it’s truly needed.