What Drinks R In The Cheers Package

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Hey there, everyone! Today, I’m thrilled to share my personal experience with the Cheers package, specifically focusing on the delightful array of drinks included in this fantastic package. When I first embarked on my adventure with the Cheers package, I couldn’t wait to explore the diverse selection of beverages it had to offer. Let’s dive right in and uncover the tantalizing drinks that made my experience truly unforgettable.

The Classic Cocktails

One of the highlights of the Cheers package is undoubtedly the classic cocktails that are included. From the timeless Margarita to the sophisticated Manhattan, I savored each sip as I reveled in the expertise of the onboard mixologists. The seamless blend of premium spirits and hand-selected ingredients resulted in cocktails that surpassed my expectations.

Exquisite Wine Selection

For the wine enthusiasts out there, the Cheers package offers an exquisite selection of wines that cater to every palate. Whether I was in the mood for a bold Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, the carefully curated wine list never failed to impress. Each glass was a delightful journey through vineyards from around the world.

Refreshing Beers and Ciders

When it came to unwinding with a refreshing beer or cider, the Cheers package truly delivered. From craft brews to international favorites, I had the opportunity to expand my beer horizons. The crisp taste of a cold cider on a sunny afternoon at sea quickly became one of my go-to choices to complement the breathtaking ocean views.

The Specialty Coffee and Teas

Mornings were a treat with the specialty coffees and teas included in the Cheers package. Whether it was a perfectly brewed cappuccino or a calming herbal tea, the beverage options extended beyond the typical alcoholic drinks. It was comforting to start my day with a warm cup of my favorite brew while looking forward to the adventures ahead.

A World of Non-Alcoholic Delights

For those moments when I wanted to take a break from alcohol, the Cheers package had an impressive array of non-alcoholic beverages. From refreshing mocktails to freshly squeezed juices, I appreciated the thoughtful selection that catered to every taste and preference. It was a true testament to the package’s inclusivity and attention to detail.

Celebrating the Cheers Experience

Reflecting on my journey with the Cheers package, I can confidently say that the diverse and meticulously curated selection of drinks truly elevated my cruising experience. The seamless blend of premium cocktails, wines, beers, specialty coffees, and non-alcoholic options created a holistic and unforgettable beverage package that exceeded my every expectation.


As I conclude my personal exploration of the drinks included in the Cheers package, I can’t help but reminisce about the countless memorable moments that were complemented by these exquisite beverages. The package not only satisfied my cravings but also introduced me to new flavors and experiences. If you’re considering the Cheers package for your next adventure, rest assured that it is a journey of delightful drinks that you won’t soon forget.