What Day Of The Week Date Sql

In this article, I will dive deep into the topic of determining the day of the week from a date in SQL. As a technical enthusiast, I find this topic fascinating and useful.

When working with dates in SQL, there are several built-in functions that can help us extract specific information, such as the day of the week. One such function is the DATEPART function, which allows us to extract the specified part of a date.

To determine the day of the week from a date, we need to use the DATEPART function with the weekday parameter. This parameter returns an integer value representing the day of the week, where Sunday is 1 and Saturday is 7.

For example, let’s say we have a table called Orders with a column named OrderDate that stores the order dates. We can retrieve the day of the week for each order using the following SQL query:

SELECT OrderDate, DATEPART(weekday, OrderDate) AS DayOfWeek FROM Orders;

This query will return the order date and the corresponding day of the week for each record in the Orders table.

It’s important to note that the DATEPART function may vary depending on the specific SQL database you are working with. For example, in MySQL, you can use the DAYOFWEEK function instead of DATEPART.

Now, let’s add some personal touches and commentary to the article from a first-person perspective. As a SQL developer, I often find myself needing to know the day of the week from a given date. Whether it’s for generating reports, analyzing trends, or simply satisfying my curiosity, this knowledge is invaluable.

By using the DATEPART function in SQL, I can effortlessly extract the day of the week from any date. This allows me to categorize and analyze data based on weekdays, helping me gain insights and make informed decisions.

For example, let’s say I have a table called Sales that stores the sales data for a particular product. By retrieving the day of the week for each sale, I can easily identify which days are the busiest and adjust my marketing strategies accordingly.

Additionally, knowing the day of the week can also be helpful in scenarios where I need to calculate averages or totals based on weekdays. For instance, I might want to know the average sales for Mondays compared to Fridays to identify any noticeable patterns.


Determining the day of the week from a date in SQL is a powerful tool that can help in various scenarios. Whether you’re a developer, analyst, or simply someone curious about the world of SQL, this knowledge is worth having.

By using the DATEPART function or its equivalent in your preferred SQL database, you can easily extract the day of the week and unlock valuable insights from your data.

So, next time you find yourself needing to know the day of the week from a date in SQL, remember to utilize the DATEPART function and make the most out of your data.