What County Is Haskell Ok In

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As a resident of Haskell, Oklahoma, I am thrilled to share with you all the wonderful aspects of this charming county. Located in the heart of the state, Haskell County offers breathtaking natural beauty, a rich history, and a tight-knit community that makes it a truly special place.

Haskell County is nestled in the southeastern part of Oklahoma. It is bordered by Muskogee County to the north, Sequoyah County to the east, and Le Flore County to the south. The county seat is the town of Stigler, which serves as the hub of activity in the area.

One of the highlights of Haskell County is its stunning landscapes. From rolling hills to picturesque lakes and rivers, nature lovers will find plenty to explore. The area is home to the beautiful Lake Eufaula, which offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and camping. The serene scenery and abundance of wildlife make it a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Beyond its natural beauty, Haskell County has a rich history that is deeply rooted in Native American culture. The county is named after Charles N. Haskell, the first Governor of Oklahoma and a member of the Choctaw Nation. The Choctaw Nation Museum, located in Tuskahoma, provides a fascinating glimpse into the history and heritage of the Native American tribes that once inhabited the area.

The community in Haskell County is incredibly tight-knit and welcoming. Residents take pride in their county and work together to create a vibrant and thriving community. From annual festivals and events to community service projects, there is always something happening in Haskell County that brings people together.

Living in Haskell County also means enjoying a slower pace of life. The county offers a more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle compared to bustling city areas. This allows residents to truly appreciate the simple pleasures of small-town living, such as friendly neighbors, local businesses, and a strong sense of community.

Overall, Haskell County is a hidden gem in Oklahoma. It offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and a close-knit community. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, immersing yourself in Native American culture, or simply enjoying the slower pace of life, Haskell County has something to offer everyone.


Having lived in Haskell County for several years, I can confidently say that it is a place like no other. From its captivating natural landscapes to its deep-rooted history and welcoming community, Haskell County has captured my heart. If you’re looking for a place that combines small-town charm with abundant opportunities for adventure, I highly recommend visiting or even considering making Haskell County your home.