Is Visual Studio Good For Python

Python Programming

As a developer with a keen interest in Python, I am often asked whether Visual Studio is a good choice for Python development. In my experience, Visual Studio has been a versatile and powerful tool for Python development. One of the main reasons I enjoy using Visual Studio for Python development is its rich set of features and integrations.

Seamless Integration with Python

Visual Studio provides seamless integration with Python, allowing me to write, debug, and test Python code within the same environment. The Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) extension enhances the development experience by offering features such as intelligent code completion, interactive window for running Python commands, and a powerful debugging environment.

Customization and Extensibility

One of the aspects of Visual Studio that I appreciate is its customization and extensibility. I can tailor the environment to my specific Python development needs by leveraging a wide range of extensions available through the Visual Studio Marketplace. From linters and code formatters to integration with popular Python frameworks, I can easily enhance Visual Studio to suit my workflow.

Full-Featured IDE Experience

Visual Studio offers a full-featured integrated development environment that supports not only Python but also other languages, making it a versatile tool for working on multi-language projects. The ability to switch seamlessly between Python and other languages within the same environment has been incredibly beneficial for my projects that involve diverse technology stacks.

Community and Support

The Visual Studio community is vibrant and provides a wealth of resources, tutorials, and extensions tailored for Python development. Furthermore, Microsoft’s strong support for Python in Visual Studio ensures that the IDE receives regular updates and features to keep up with the evolving Python ecosystem.


In conclusion, Visual Studio has proven to be a highly effective and enjoyable environment for my Python development endeavors. Its robust feature set, seamless integration with Python, extensibility, and strong community support have made it my go-to choice for Python projects. While the choice of an IDE is ultimately a personal one, I have found Visual Studio to be an exceptional tool for Python development.