Is Sharepoint Free

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SharePoint is a widely used platform for collaboration, document management, and enterprise content management. It’s a powerful tool that many businesses, including mine, rely on for various tasks. One common question that often arises is whether or not SharePoint is free. Let’s delve into this topic and explore the different aspects of SharePoint’s pricing and licensing.

SharePoint Foundation: A Free Option

SharePoint Foundation is a no-cost option that provides basic collaboration and content management features. As a small business owner, the idea of a free tool like SharePoint Foundation can be appealing. It allows me to create team sites, manage documents, and collaborate with my colleagues without incurring any additional costs.

SharePoint Online: Part of Office 365 Subscription

For those who are already using Office 365 as part of their business operations, SharePoint Online comes as part of the subscription. As someone who relies on the Office 365 suite, having SharePoint Online available as part of the package is incredibly convenient. This cloud-based service offers a wide range of features and integration capabilities with other Office 365 apps.

SharePoint Server: The Enterprise Solution

On the other hand, SharePoint Server, which provides the most comprehensive set of features, does come with a cost. As my business grows, I may consider investing in this version as it offers more advanced functionalities for managing content, building custom applications, and integrating with other systems.

Understanding the Costs of Customization and Maintenance

While the initial versions of SharePoint might be “free” in terms of software licensing, it’s important to consider the costs associated with customization, maintenance, and ongoing support. As a business owner, I’ve found that investing in the right expertise to customize and maintain our SharePoint environment is crucial for maximizing its value and ensuring smooth operations.


In conclusion, while SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Online can be accessed at no extra cost under certain circumstances, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the specific needs of your business and the associated costs. As I continue to rely on SharePoint for my business operations, I find that understanding the different pricing options and the overall investment required for a robust SharePoint environment is pivotal for making informed decisions.