Is R In Visual Studio 2019

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Visual Studio 2019 is an incredibly powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that supports a wide range of programming languages. One of the languages that developers often wonder about is R. In this article, I will explore the support for R in Visual Studio 2019 and share my personal experiences and thoughts.

Introduction to R in Visual Studio 2019

R is a popular programming language used for statistical computing and graphics. It provides a wide range of tools and libraries for data analysis, machine learning, and visualization. While R has its own dedicated IDEs such as RStudio, many developers prefer using Visual Studio 2019 due to its robust features and familiar interface.

Microsoft recognized the growing popularity of R and the demand for its integration in Visual Studio. As a result, they introduced full support for R in Visual Studio 2015 and have continued to improve it in subsequent versions, including Visual Studio 2019.

Installation and Setup

Installing R support in Visual Studio 2019 is a breeze. During the initial setup, you can choose to install the necessary components for R development. If you have already installed Visual Studio 2019 without the R components, you can easily add them through the Visual Studio Installer.

Once the R components are installed, you can create new R projects or add R scripts to existing projects. Visual Studio 2019 provides a rich set of features for editing, debugging, and profiling R code, making it a powerful tool for R developers.

Features and Tools

Visual Studio 2019 offers a wide range of features and tools that greatly enhance the development experience for R. Some of these include:

  • Intellisense: Visual Studio’s Intellisense provides intelligent code completion, making it easier to write R code with fewer errors.
  • Code Navigation and Refactoring: Visual Studio allows you to easily navigate through your R code, jump to definitions, and refactor your code for better efficiency.
  • Integrated Plotting: Visual Studio provides a built-in plot viewer that allows you to generate and view plots directly in the IDE, making it convenient for data visualization.
  • Debugging and Profiling: Visual Studio’s powerful debugging and profiling tools are also available for R code, allowing you to identify and fix issues efficiently.
  • Package Management: Visual Studio integrates with the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) to provide seamless package management, making it easy to install and manage R packages.

My Personal Experience with R in Visual Studio 2019

As a data scientist, R is a language I frequently use for my projects. When I first tried R in Visual Studio 2019, I was impressed by the level of integration and the seamless development experience it provided. The Intellisense, code navigation, and debugging tools helped me write code faster and identify and fix errors more effectively.

I particularly appreciated the integrated plotting feature, which allowed me to visualize my data and generate informative plots directly within the IDE. This saved me a lot of time and effort compared to switching between different applications.

The package management integration was another highlight for me. Being able to easily install, update, and manage R packages directly from Visual Studio 2019 simplified my workflow and made it more efficient.


Visual Studio 2019 offers comprehensive support for R, providing a powerful and user-friendly environment for R developers. With features like Intellisense, code navigation, debugging, integrated plotting, and package management, it streamlines the development process and enhances productivity. If you are an R developer, I highly recommend giving Visual Studio 2019 a try.