Is Python Getting Sunset Destiny 2

Python Programming

As a long-time Python enthusiast, I was taken aback when I first came across the rumor that Python might be getting sunset in Destiny 2. I couldn’t believe that a language as versatile and popular as Python would face such a fate in a game like Destiny 2. So, I delved deep into the subject to uncover the truth behind this speculation.

The Speculation

Recently, there has been a rumor circulating among the Destiny 2 community that Python, the popular programming language, would be phased out of the game. This rumor sparked concern and confusion among developers and players alike. Many wondered why such a widely used language would be sunset in one of the most popular games in the world.

Uncovering the Truth

Upon further investigation, it became clear that the speculation about Python being sunset in Destiny 2 was entirely unfounded. Python, as a programming language, has no direct impact on the game itself. Instead, the confusion arose from a specific weapon in Destiny 2 called “Python,” which is a shotgun. This weapon has nothing to do with the programming language.

Understanding the Source of Confusion

The confusion likely stemmed from the overlapping use of the term “Python” in the gaming and programming realms. While Python, the programming language, is renowned for its simplicity and readability, the Python shotgun in Destiny 2 is revered for its in-game performance and unique abilities.


After diving deep into this issue, it’s clear that the speculation about Python sunsetting in Destiny 2 was based on a misunderstanding. As a Python enthusiast, I’m relieved to know that the programming language itself will continue to thrive, and gamers can continue to enjoy wielding the Python shotgun in Destiny 2 without any concern about it being sunset. It’s important to verify information before jumping to conclusions, especially when it comes to beloved technologies and games.