Is Not Found Net Golang

Go Programming

Today, I want to discuss the common error “not found net/http” that I encountered while working with Golang. This error often arises when we attempt to start a web server but encounter issues with routing or handling HTTP requests. Let’s delve into the possible causes of this error and explore some potential solutions.

Potential Causes of the “not found net/http” Error

When encountering the “not found net/http” error, it’s essential to investigate the root cause. One potential cause could be an issue with specifying the route correctly. Double-check the route you’ve defined and ensure it accurately matches the HTTP request being made. Another cause could be related to how you’re handling the HTTP request. If the request is not being processed or handled correctly, it could result in this error.

Additionally, the error might also stem from how the server is set up to listen and serve HTTP requests. If the server configuration is incorrect, it could lead to the “not found net/http” error when attempting to access the specified routes.

Possible Solutions

One approach to resolving this error is to thoroughly review the route and handler configurations. Ensure that the routes are defined accurately, and the corresponding handlers are properly set up to process incoming requests. It’s also crucial to verify that the server is configured to listen and serve HTTP requests as expected.

Another potential solution involves thoroughly examining the server setup and any middleware being used. Issues with middleware or server configuration can often lead to errors when handling HTTP requests. By carefully reviewing the server setup and middleware, it’s possible to identify and address any misconfigurations that could be causing the “not found net/http” error.


In conclusion, the “not found net/http” error in Golang can be frustrating to encounter, but by carefully examining the route, handler configurations, and server setup, it’s possible to identify and resolve the underlying causes. Remember to double-check your code and configurations, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the Golang community if you’re facing challenges in resolving this error.