Is Matlab In Degrees Or Radians

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Matlab uses radians as the default unit for trigonometric functions and functions that convert between angle units, such as sind and cosd. This means that when you specify an angle in Matlab, it is assumed to be in radians unless otherwise specified. This is an important detail to keep in mind, as it can lead to unexpected results if you forget to convert your angles from degrees to radians when necessary.

I have encountered this issue personally when working on a project that involved calculating angles for mechanical systems. I initially overlooked the fact that Matlab uses radians, and my initial results did not make sense. Upon further investigation, I realized that I had to convert my angle inputs from degrees to radians for the calculations to produce accurate results.

It’s crucial to be mindful of this default behavior, especially when dealing with real-world problems that involve angles and trigonometric functions. While it may seem like a small nuance, overlooking the unit of angle measurement can lead to significant errors in your calculations.

To convert an angle from degrees to radians in Matlab, you can use the deg2rad function. For example:

angle_degrees = 45;
angle_radians = deg2rad(angle_degrees);

Alternatively, if you need to convert from radians to degrees, you can use the rad2deg function:

angle_radians = pi/4;
angle_degrees = rad2deg(angle_radians);

It’s worth noting that there are situations where you may want to work directly with degrees in Matlab. In such cases, you can use the aforementioned trigonometric functions suffixed with “d” to explicitly indicate that the input angles are in degrees. For example, sind and cosd compute the sine and cosine of angles given in degrees.

It’s essential to understand the default behavior of angle units in Matlab to avoid errors and inaccuracies in your calculations. Being aware of this aspect can save you from unnecessary debugging and troubleshooting in your projects.


In conclusion, Matlab defaults to using radians as the unit for angle measurements in trigonometric functions. This default behavior has implications for the accuracy of your calculations, and it’s important to be mindful of it when working on projects involving angles. Always remember to convert your angle measurements to radians when necessary, and consider using the “d” suffixed trigonometric functions if you prefer to work directly with degrees. Understanding these nuances can greatly improve the reliability of your Matlab code.