Is Intellij Idea Free

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IntelliJ IDEA is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) used by many developers for Java, Kotlin, and Android app development. One of the questions often asked by newcomers and experienced developers alike is whether IntelliJ IDEA is free. As an experienced developer, I’ve had my fair share of experience with this IDE, so let’s dive deep into this topic.

Is IntelliJ IDEA Free?

IntelliJ IDEA comes in two editions: the Community Edition and the Ultimate Edition. The Community Edition is indeed free and open-source, making it a great choice for individual developers, educators, and open-source projects. It provides essential tools for JVM and Android development without any cost. On the other hand, the Ultimate Edition is a paid version, which is targeted towards professional and enterprise developers. It offers advanced features and tools that cater to larger-scale projects and teams.

Community Edition Features

The Community Edition of IntelliJ IDEA includes features like Coding assistance, Smart code completion, Framework-specific assistance, and a built-in decompiler. It also supports popular build tools and version control systems, making it a versatile option for developers working on smaller projects or individual endeavors.

Ultimate Edition Benefits

While the Community Edition provides a solid foundation for Java and Android development, the Ultimate Edition brings additional capabilities such as advanced web and enterprise development tools, database tools, support for various languages and frameworks, and more. The Ultimate Edition is ideal for professional developers and organizations looking for a comprehensive IDE with top-notch features and support.

Personal Experience

Personally, I started my journey with IntelliJ IDEA using the Community Edition, and it served me well for personal projects and learning Java and Android development. As my projects grew in complexity and scope, I eventually upgraded to the Ultimate Edition to take advantage of its powerful features. The seamless transition from the Community Edition to the Ultimate Edition made the entire process smooth and worthwhile.


In conclusion, while IntelliJ IDEA’s Ultimate Edition comes with a price tag, the Community Edition remains free and accessible for developers looking to kickstart their projects or explore the world of Java and Android development. Whether you’re an individual developer, an educator, or part of a larger organization, IntelliJ IDEA offers a solid foundation and advanced capabilities to meet your development needs.