Is Github Copilot Worth It

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GitHub Copilot is an innovative tool that has sparked a lot of conversations in the coding community. It is an AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI, and it has generated both excitement and skepticism among developers. As a software engineer who has embraced various coding tools over the years, I wanted to delve into the depths of GitHub Copilot and share my personal insights on whether it is worth using.

Understanding GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, as well as GitHub’s extensive repository of code. It is designed to assist developers by providing suggestions for completing code as they write. This ranges from entire functions to small code snippets. The tool integrates with various popular development environments, making it accessible to a wide range of developers.

When I first tried GitHub Copilot, I was intrigued by its ability to generate code completions on the fly. It allowed me to write code more efficiently and saved time by suggesting code snippets based on the context of what I was working on. This feature particularly shone when I was working on repetitive tasks, such as setting up boilerplate code or implementing common algorithms.

The Benefits of GitHub Copilot

One of the key advantages of GitHub Copilot is its ability to speed up the coding process. It can help reduce the mental load of writing repetitive or boilerplate code, allowing developers to focus more on the higher-level aspects of their projects. Moreover, it can serve as an educational tool by providing insights into different programming paradigms and best practices.

GitHub Copilot also has the potential to enhance collaboration among team members. By providing quick and accurate code suggestions, it can streamline the code review process and improve overall code quality. Additionally, it can be a valuable resource for junior developers who are learning to write code more effectively.

Considerations and Limitations

While GitHub Copilot offers a range of benefits, it is not without its limitations. The tool’s code suggestions may not always align with the specific coding standards or practices of a project, leading to potential conflicts. There is also the risk of developers becoming overly reliant on the tool and neglecting to hone their own coding skills.

Another consideration is the licensing and security aspects of using GitHub Copilot. Since the tool suggests code based on its training data, developers should be mindful of any licensing implications, especially when working on proprietary or sensitive code. Additionally, there may be security concerns regarding the use of AI-generated code in certain applications.

My Verdict

After extensive use and consideration, I believe that GitHub Copilot is indeed worth using, but with caution and mindfulness. Its ability to expedite the coding process and provide valuable insights outweighs its limitations. However, developers should use it as a supplement to their skills rather than a crutch, and remain vigilant about code quality and licensing implications.


In conclusion, GitHub Copilot has the potential to revolutionize the coding experience for developers. Its AI-powered code completion capabilities can significantly improve productivity and collaboration within development teams. However, it is essential for developers to approach its usage thoughtfully and be aware of its limitations and ethical considerations. By doing so, GitHub Copilot can be a valuable addition to a developer’s toolkit.