Is Game Pigeon On Android

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As an avid gamer, I often find myself exploring various gaming apps to entertain myself, and one app that has caught my attention is Game Pigeon. Many of my friends who use iOS have been raving about their experiences with this app, but as an Android user, I’ve been left wondering if Game Pigeon is available on the Google Play Store. In this article, I aim to delve into the availability of Game Pigeon on Android and share my personal insights into the matter.

What is Game Pigeon?

Before we dive into the Android compatibility of Game Pigeon, let’s take a moment to understand what this app is all about. Game Pigeon is a collection of fun and addictive multiplayer games that can be played within the iMessage app on iOS devices. From classics like 8-Ball and Chess to unique games like Anagrams and Mini Golf, Game Pigeon offers a diverse range of gaming experiences for iOS users.

Availability of Game Pigeon on Android

Now, the burning question – is Game Pigeon available on Android? Unfortunately, as of the time of writing this article, Game Pigeon is exclusively available for iOS devices and does not have an official version for Android. This means that Android users, including myself, are unable to directly download and install Game Pigeon from the Google Play Store.

Upon delving deeper into this matter, it becomes apparent that Game Pigeon’s developer, Vitalii Zlotskii, has not released an Android version of the app. The reasons behind this decision remain undisclosed, leaving Android users yearning for an opportunity to partake in the gaming fun offered by Game Pigeon.

Exploring Alternatives

As an Android user keen on experiencing the multiplayer gaming excitement that Game Pigeon offers, I’ve sought out alternative apps that provide similar gameplay and features on the Google Play Store. While I may not have the exact Game Pigeon experience, I’ve discovered a variety of multiplayer game apps that cater to Android users, allowing me to engage in thrilling gaming sessions with friends and family.


In conclusion, the absence of Game Pigeon on Android remains a disappointment for many Android users who have heard glowing reviews of the app’s multiplayer gaming offerings. As an Android user myself, I can’t help but feel a pang of longing to join in on the Game Pigeon craze. Nevertheless, I’ve come to appreciate the diverse array of gaming apps available on the Google Play Store, each offering its own unique gaming experiences and filling the void left by Game Pigeon’s absence on Android.