Is Android 21 Canon

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Android 21 is a character in the Dragon Ball series, first introduced in the game “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” The character was created by Akira Toriyama and plays a significant role in the game’s storyline. However, the question of whether Android 21 is considered canon within the broader Dragon Ball universe is a subject of much debate among fans.

From my understanding and research, the concept of canonicity in the Dragon Ball series can be quite complex. The term “canon” typically refers to the material that is considered an official part of the series’ continuity, as recognized by the original creator and production team. In the case of Android 21, her origin in “Dragon Ball FighterZ” places her within the game’s narrative, but her absence from the original manga or anime series raises questions about her canonical status.

Despite not appearing in the original manga or anime, the character’s creation by Akira Toriyama himself adds weight to her potential canonicity. Toriyama’s involvement in her design and backstory might suggest that Android 21 holds a certain level of canonical status within the Dragon Ball universe, particularly within the context of “Dragon Ball FighterZ.”

It’s also worth noting that the concept of canonicity can vary across different forms of media. While the character may not appear in the original manga or anime, she has become a significant part of the Dragon Ball video game universe. This raises the question of whether content from video games should be considered as contributing to the broader canon of the series.

Personal opinion and commentary on this topic can vary among fans. Some may argue that the absence of Android 21 from the original manga or anime disqualifies her from being considered canon, while others may point to Toriyama’s involvement as a compelling factor in recognizing her canonicity.

Ultimately, the debate around Android 21’s canonicity highlights the evolving nature of storytelling within the Dragon Ball universe. As the franchise expands across various forms of media, including video games, the question of canonicity becomes more nuanced and open to interpretation. Whether Android 21 is deemed canon or not, her impact on the Dragon Ball series is undeniable, sparking discussions and theories among fans.


In conclusion, the question of Android 21’s canonicity remains a topic of ongoing discussion and interpretation within the Dragon Ball community. While her absence from the original manga or anime may raise doubts, her creation by Akira Toriyama and significant role in “Dragon Ball FighterZ” invite consideration of her canonical status. As the Dragon Ball universe continues to expand, the concept of canonicity adapts to accommodate the evolving narrative landscape, leaving room for individual perspectives on the character’s place within the series.