How To Use Q&a In Webex

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WebEx is a popular web conferencing platform that allows users to collaborate, communicate, and share information online. One of the key features of WebEx is the Q&A (Question and Answer) functionality, which enables participants to ask questions and receive answers during a meeting or webinar. In this article, I will guide you through the process of using the Q&A feature in WebEx.

Getting Started with the Q&A Feature

Before you can start using the Q&A feature in WebEx, you need to be the host or a panelist of a meeting or webinar. As the host or panelist, you have the ability to manage and respond to questions asked by participants.

To start a Q&A session, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the WebEx application and join a meeting or webinar as the host or a panelist.
  2. Once you are in the meeting or webinar, locate the Q&A panel on the screen. It is usually located on the right-hand side.
  3. Click on the Q&A panel to open it.

Once the Q&A panel is open, you will see a list of questions that have been asked by participants. You can sort the questions by status (Answered, Unanswered, or Rejected) and also search for specific questions using the search bar at the top of the panel.

Responding to Questions

When you see a question that you want to respond to, simply click on it to view the details. You can then type your answer in the “Answer” field and click on the “Send” button to submit your response.

It is important to note that as the host or a panelist, you have the ability to mark a question as answered, unanswered, or rejected. This can help you keep track of the questions that have been addressed and those that still need attention.

During a Q&A session, it is always a good idea to prioritize answering questions that are relevant to the topic being discussed or those that have been upvoted by the participants. This ensures that the most important questions are addressed first.

Engaging with Participants

The Q&A feature in WebEx not only allows participants to ask questions, but it also provides an opportunity for engagement and interaction. As the host or a panelist, you can use the Q&A feature to engage with participants by:

  • Addressing participants by their names when answering their questions.
  • Asking follow-up questions to clarify any confusion or gather more information.
  • Encouraging participants to ask additional questions or share their thoughts on the topic.

By actively engaging with participants through the Q&A feature, you can create a more inclusive and interactive meeting or webinar experience.


The Q&A feature in WebEx is a powerful tool for facilitating communication and collaboration during meetings and webinars. By using this feature effectively, you can address participants’ questions, foster engagement, and create a more interactive environment. So, next time you host a meeting or webinar on WebEx, make sure to utilize the Q&A feature to its fullest potential!