How To Use Contact Form 7 Aweber Extension

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The Contact Form 7 plugin is widely used on WordPress to simplify the creation and organization of contact forms on a website. It offers a straightforward and adaptable solution for embedding contact forms onto any webpage or post. If you desire to combine your Contact Form 7 submissions with AWeber, an email marketing tool, you can utilize the Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of configuring and utilizing the Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension to effortlessly connect your contact forms with your AWeber account.

Installing the Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension

The first step is to install and activate the Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension plugin. You can do this by navigating to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and searching for “Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension”. Once you find the plugin, click on “Install Now” and then “Activate”.

Connecting Your AWeber Account

Once the plugin is activated, you will need to connect your AWeber account to the Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension. To do this, go to the Contact > AWeber section in your WordPress dashboard. You will see a form where you can enter your AWeber API credentials.

If you don’t have the API credentials, you can generate them by logging into your AWeber account and navigating to the “My Apps” section. Create a new app and copy the generated credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) into the form in WordPress. Click on “Save Changes” to save your settings.

Integrating Contact Form 7 with AWeber

Now that your AWeber account is connected, you can start integrating Contact Form 7 with AWeber. Open the Contact Form 7 editor for the form you want to connect to AWeber. In the “Additional Settings” tab, add the following code:

aweber aweber-username="YOUR_AWEBER_USERNAME" aweber-list-id="YOUR_AWEBER_LIST_ID"

Replace “YOUR_AWEBER_USERNAME” with your AWeber username and “YOUR_AWEBER_LIST_ID” with the ID of the AWeber list you want to add subscribers to. Save your changes.

Now, whenever a user submits the Contact Form 7 form, their information will be automatically added to your AWeber list. This integration allows you to easily follow up with leads and subscribers through AWeber’s email marketing tools.

Adding Personal Touches and Commentary

As someone who has used this integration extensively, I can tell you that it has greatly streamlined my email marketing efforts. Being able to effortlessly capture lead information from my website’s contact forms and automatically add them to my AWeber list has saved me a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, with the Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension, you have full control over which contact forms are integrated with AWeber. You can choose to integrate certain forms while excluding others, depending on your specific marketing goals.

Lastly, the seamless integration between Contact Form 7 and AWeber ensures that your leads and subscribers are added to your email list without any manual intervention. This reduces the risk of human error and ensures that your marketing campaigns are effectively reaching your target audience.


The Contact Form 7 AWeber Extension is a powerful tool that allows you to connect your Contact Form 7 submissions with AWeber, enabling you to streamline your email marketing efforts. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily integrate Contact Form 7 with AWeber and start capturing and nurturing leads with ease. Give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself!