How To Use Call In Option In Webex

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Utilizing the “Phone In” feature on Webex can serve as a convenient method to join a meeting or event in cases where you are unable to use a computer or have internet access. As an individual who has utilized this option on multiple occasions, I can attest to its ease of use and convenience in facilitating active engagement in significant discussions or presentations.

When you receive a Webex meeting invitation, you’ll typically see a phone number and a meeting ID. To join the meeting using the “Call In” option, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial the Phone Number

Using your phone, dial the phone number provided in the meeting invitation. This number is usually a toll-free number, but it can vary depending on the host’s settings. Make sure to include any necessary country or area codes.

Step 2: Enter the Meeting ID

After dialing the phone number, you’ll be prompted to enter the meeting ID. This ID is usually a series of numerical digits. Listen carefully to the instructions and enter the meeting ID using the keypad on your phone.

Step 3: Wait for the Host to Start the Meeting

Once you’ve entered the meeting ID, you’ll be placed on hold until the host starts the meeting. During this waiting period, you might hear music or a recorded message. Don’t hang up; just wait patiently until the meeting begins.

Step 4: Participate in the Meeting

Once the host starts the meeting, you’ll be able to listen to the audio and participate in the discussion. Depending on the meeting settings, you may have the option to unmute yourself and speak, or you may need to use the chat feature to communicate with other participants.

It’s worth noting that if you join a Webex meeting using the “Call In” option, you won’t be able to see any shared screens or visual presentations. However, you can still listen to the audio and actively participate in the meeting.

Overall, the “Call In” option in Webex is a convenient feature that allows you to join meetings even without a computer or internet connection. It’s ideal for situations where you’re on the go or experiencing technical difficulties. So, next time you receive a Webex meeting invitation, don’t hesitate to use the “Call In” option and stay connected.


The “Call In” option in Webex is a valuable tool for joining meetings remotely. Whether you’re traveling, don’t have access to a computer, or simply prefer to use your phone, this feature provides a seamless way to participate in important discussions and presentations. With just a phone call, you can connect with colleagues and contribute to the conversation. So, the next time you find yourself unable to join a Webex meeting through the usual means, remember that the “Call In” option is always there to offer a solution.