How To Use Braun S3 Shaver

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Using the Braun S3 shaver has been a game-changer in my grooming routine. As someone who values a clean and smooth shave, I have been impressed with the performance and functionality of this electric shaver. In this article, I will guide you through the steps of how to use the Braun S3 shaver effectively, sharing personal tips and insights along the way.

Getting Started with the Braun S3 Shaver

Before diving into the shaving process, it’s important to prepare your skin. Start by washing your face with warm water to soften the hair follicles. This will make the shaving experience more comfortable and help to reduce irritation.

Now, let’s talk about the Braun S3 shaver itself. It features a sleek and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. The shaver is equipped with sharp and durable blades, along with a powerful motor, offering quick and efficient shaving results. Its 3 flexible cutting elements adapt to the contours of your face, ensuring a close and precise shave with every stroke.

Step 1: Charge the Shaver

Before your first use, make sure to charge the Braun S3 shaver fully. Plug in the charging cable provided and connect it to the shaver. Allow it to charge completely, which usually takes around 1 hour. Once fully charged, the shaver will provide up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving time.

Step 2: Apply Shaving Gel or Foam (Optional)

While the Braun S3 shaver is designed to be used on dry skin, some people prefer to use shaving gel or foam for added lubrication and protection. If you choose to do so, apply a small amount of shaving gel or foam to your face and neck, spreading it evenly.

Step 3: Start Shaving

Hold the Braun S3 shaver at a 90-degree angle to your skin. Begin by shaving in the direction of hair growth, using gentle, circular motions. The flexible cutting elements effortlessly glide over the contours of your face, capturing even the shortest hairs without pulling or tugging. For a closer shave, you can repeat this step against the direction of hair growth, but be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid skin irritation.

It’s worth noting that the Braun S3 shaver is designed to be used primarily for facial hair. If you want to shave other areas of your body, such as your chest or underarms, it is recommended to use a different shaver or attachment specifically designed for those areas.

Step 4: Clean and Maintain the Shaver

After each use, it is essential to clean the Braun S3 shaver to maintain its performance and longevity. The shaver is waterproof, allowing you to rinse it under running water to remove any hair or debris. You can also use the provided cleaning brush to remove stubborn hairs from the blades and cutting elements. For a more thorough clean, you can disassemble the shaver and rinse each part separately.


The Braun S3 shaver has truly revolutionized my shaving routine, delivering a close and comfortable shave every time. Its ergonomic design, sharp blades, and flexibility make it a reliable choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free grooming experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can make the most of your Braun S3 shaver and achieve a clean and smooth shave effortlessly.