How To Use Available Balance In Facebook Ads

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Utilizing the current balance on Facebook Ads can greatly improve the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. As someone experienced in using Facebook Ads and managing budgets, I can attest that comprehending how to utilize your available balance can have a significant influence on the accomplishment of your campaigns.

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, having a sufficient balance is crucial. Your available balance refers to the amount of money you have in your Facebook Ads account that is ready to be spent on your campaigns. It is important to manage this balance wisely to ensure that your ads are continuously running and reaching your target audience.

One of the first steps to effectively use your available balance is to set a daily or lifetime budget for your campaign. This budget will determine how much money you are willing to spend on your ads on a daily basis or throughout the entire duration of your campaign. Setting a budget helps you control your spending and ensures that you don’t overspend.

To set a budget, go to your Ads Manager and select the campaign you want to work on. Under the “Budget & Schedule” section, you can choose between a daily or lifetime budget. Enter the amount you are comfortable spending and click “Continue.”

Now that you have set a budget, it’s time to monitor your spending and adjust your bids accordingly. Facebook Ads operates on an auction system, where advertisers bid on the cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) for their ads. Monitoring your spending allows you to stay within your available balance while maximizing the reach and impact of your ads.

One strategy I find helpful is to regularly check the performance of my ads and adjust my bids based on the results. If I notice that my ads are performing well and getting a high click-through rate (CTR), I might consider increasing my bids slightly to reach more people. On the other hand, if my ads are not performing as expected, I might lower my bids to save some of my available balance.

Another aspect to consider is the duration of your campaign. If you have a limited budget, it may be wise to spread the duration of your campaign over a longer period. This allows you to pace your spending and make the most out of your available balance without depleting it quickly.

A key factor in using your available balance effectively is targeting the right audience. Facebook Ads provides various targeting options, such as demographic, interest, and behavioral targeting. By narrowing down your audience, you can ensure that your ads are reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Targeting the right audience increases the chances of conversions and a higher return on your advertising investment.

Lastly, it’s important to regularly review and update your ad content and creatives. A stale or outdated ad can lead to decreased engagement and wasted spending. By keeping your ads fresh and relevant, you can maximize the effectiveness of your budget and ensure that you are making the most out of your available balance.


Using the available balance in Facebook Ads requires careful planning and monitoring. By setting a budget, monitoring your spending, adjusting your bids, targeting the right audience, and keeping your ads updated, you can effectively utilize your available balance and achieve success with your advertising campaigns. Remember, it’s not just about the amount of money you have, but how wisely you use it that makes the difference.