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AWeber Upgrade: A Detailed Tutorial

Hey there! As a digital marketer and email enthusiast, upgrading AWeber is something I’ve done many times. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process in a detailed step-by-step guide. So, let’s dive in!

Why Upgrade AWeber?

Before we get started, let’s quickly talk about why you might want to upgrade your AWeber account. As your email list grows and your marketing needs evolve, upgrading to a higher tier plan will give you access to more advanced features and increased capacity.

Not only will upgrading help you better manage and segment your subscribers, but it will also enable you to take advantage of AWeber’s powerful automation capabilities. Trust me, once you start using automation, you won’t look back!

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Plan

The first step in upgrading AWeber is to evaluate your current plan and determine if it aligns with your current and future needs. Take a moment to review your subscriber count, email sending volume, and desired features. This information will help you choose the right upgrade option for your business.

Step 2: Compare and Choose an Upgrade

Once you’ve assessed your needs, head over to the AWeber website and compare the different upgrade options available. Each plan offers different features and subscriber limits, so be sure to choose the one that suits your requirements best.

As a personal recommendation, I found that upgrading to the AWeber Pro plan provided me with the perfect balance of features and affordability. But, of course, your mileage may vary!

Step 3: Contact AWeber Support

If you’ve decided on the upgrade option that suits your needs, it’s time to reach out to AWeber support. They are always ready to assist and guide you through the process.

I highly recommend contacting them directly via phone or live chat. The AWeber support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and they’ll make sure you have a smooth transition to your new plan.

Step 4: Back Up Your Data

Before making any changes, it’s essential to back up your data. This ensures that you won’t lose any valuable subscriber information during the upgrade process.

To back up your data in AWeber, navigate to the “Subscribers” tab and select “Manage Subscribers”. From there, click on the “Export” button to save a copy of your subscriber data to your computer. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Step 5: Upgrade and Migrate

Once you have completed the previous steps, it’s time to upgrade and migrate your AWeber account to the new plan. AWeber support will guide you through this process, ensuring everything is done correctly.

During the migration, you might experience a brief downtime period. Don’t panic! This is normal and should only last a few minutes. Once the process is complete, you’ll have access to all the additional features and subscriber capacity of your upgraded plan.


Upgrading AWeber is a smart move to enhance your email marketing efforts. By evaluating your needs, comparing and choosing the right upgrade, and following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing the power of AWeber.

Remember, don’t hesitate to reach out to AWeber support if you have any questions or need assistance throughout the process. Happy upgrading!