How To Unmute System Volume In Webex

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As a frequent user of Webex, I understand how frustrating it can be when you join a meeting and realize that your system volume is muted. It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit! In this article, I will guide you through the steps to unmute the system volume in Webex, so you can participate fully in your meetings without any audio issues.

Step 1: Accessing Webex Audio Settings

Before we begin, make sure you are logged into your Webex account and have joined the meeting. Once you are in the meeting room, locate the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Look for the microphone icon, as shown in the image below:

Webex Microphone Icon

If the microphone icon has a red line through it or is grayed out, it means your system volume is muted. Let’s proceed to the next step to unmute it.

Step 2: Unmuting System Volume

To unmute the system volume, you will need to access your computer’s sound settings. Here’s how:

  1. On Windows: Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and select “Open Volume Mixer.” Make sure the volume sliders for your system and Webex are not set to zero or muted.
  2. On Mac: Click on the Apple menu, go to “System Preferences,” and select “Sound.” In the “Output” tab, adjust the volume slider and make sure the mute checkbox is not selected.
  3. If you are using external speakers or headphones, ensure they are properly connected and powered on.

After adjusting your computer’s sound settings, return to the Webex meeting room and check if the microphone icon is now active and no longer muted. If it is still muted, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Webex Audio Settings

If your system volume is not muted and you still cannot unmute the microphone icon in Webex, it’s time to check the audio settings within the app:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen and select “Audio Connection.”
  2. In the “Audio Connection” window, ensure that your microphone and speaker are selected correctly. You can choose between the computer’s built-in audio or external devices.
  3. If your microphone is listed but still not working, try selecting a different microphone from the drop-down menu and see if that resolves the issue.

Once you have adjusted the audio settings within Webex, check if the microphone icon is now unmuted. If not, proceed to the final step.

Step 4: Restart Webex

If none of the previous steps have resolved the issue, it could be a temporary glitch with the Webex app. Restarting the application might help:

  1. Close the Webex app completely.
  2. Reopen the app and join the meeting again.

After restarting Webex, check if the microphone icon is now active and unmuted. If you still cannot unmute the system volume, it might be worth reaching out to Webex support for further assistance.


Unmuting the system volume in Webex is essential to ensure clear and uninterrupted audio during your meetings. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve any issues with muted system volume. Remember to check both your computer’s sound settings and the audio settings within the Webex app. If all else fails, restarting the Webex app might do the trick. Now you can participate fully in your Webex meetings without any audio woes!