How To Uninstall Update On Android

Android Apps

Uninstalling updates on an Android device can be a helpful solution to fix any issues that may have arisen after an update. I’ve been in situations where an update has caused more harm than good, so I understand the frustration. Don’t worry, though – I’m here to guide you through the process of uninstalling updates on your Android device.

Checking App Updates

Before delving into the uninstallation process, it’s important to check which apps have been recently updated on your device. To do this, head to the “Settings” app, then tap on “Apps” or “Application Manager” depending on your device model. Scroll through the list and take note of the apps that you wish to revert to a previous version.

Uninstalling Updates

Once you’ve identified the app that needs to be reverted to an older version, tap on it and then select the “Uninstall Updates” option. You might see this option directly, or you may need to tap on the three-dot menu in the top right corner to find it. After confirming your decision, the app will revert to the factory version, which is the version it had when you first got your device.

Disabling Auto-Update

It can be frustrating when an app updates automatically and causes issues. To prevent automatic updates in the future, open the Google Play Store, tap on the three-line menu icon in the top left corner, then select “Settings” and finally, “Auto-update apps.” From here, you can choose the “Don’t auto-update apps” option to have more control over when updates occur.


Uninstalling updates on an Android device can provide relief when dealing with app issues caused by updates. By following these steps and taking control over app updates, you can ensure a smoother experience on your Android device. Remember, it’s always a good idea to keep your apps up to date, but having the option to uninstall updates can be a lifesaver when things don’t go as planned.